Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Storm Within : My interpretation of my chaotic mind.

The TV's on, the lights of off. I can hear the patter of my dogs feet against the wooden floor, but I'm calm. Only for a second. My mind becomes frantic. Whens the bill due? Have I worked out enough today? Why did the girl on the street stare at me? Is it because I'm ugly, fat, disgusting, worthless, horrid. Stop. Breathe. Then repeat the whole thing again. Countless times again and again. Until the mask covering my face becomes tarnished. You can see it ever so slightly in the snappy remarks and frustrating sighs. It builds up. Just like a builder building a wall, brick by brick. But the foundations sink and the wall breaks.And my mind is a hurricane. Tap, tap, tap of my brothers fork on his plate. BANG I resemble a monster. The hurricane is pouring from my eyes. The battle scars on my arms become more noticeable now, appealing you could say. The monster bleeds. The monster is a monster no more. Just a broken girl crying on her bedroom floor with her best friend the razor blade. The TV's on, the lights are off. But I'm calm.

Amy Charlesworth.


  1. Every night when I go to bed my mind goes into overdrive and I start to worry and panic about simple things, it's the worst. I always put my headphones in when I go to bed now and play music.

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    1. Yeah that's a really good distraction technique! I find painting really helps me calm when my mind is frantic!

      Thanks for the comment!


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