Friday, 23 September 2016

Medication and mental health. My opinion.

So I'm writing this from my bedroom on a warm September afternoon, because today I was to depressed to leave my house. But you know what, thats ok. Because what I did do today was manage to clean the house, do some laundry and even brush my hair, so that's an achievement in itself.  Its on days like today that I wish on was on medication. Although I have tried plenty of  anti depressants which didn't work and gave me alot of unpleasant side effects. That and they made my already erratic mood swings even hard to handle. It was just a big no. Although I will be going onto medication my doctors are very hesitant to try me on any other medications till I've seen the psychiatrist. So I guess I've just got to hang on in there.

But if like me you struggle with mental health, and you do feel like medication would help you. I do recommend you go discuss it with your doctor. I do want to remind you in no way shape or form am I telling you what to do, I'm merely sharing my advice, so always consult everything with a professional. But medication may help you. The doctor will be able to recommend you which type of medication would suit your current needs. That and he/she will be able to talk through the possible side effects that you my endure whilst taking it.

Whilst you take medication you need to understand that taking meds aren't a quick fix. Most anti-depressant medication will take 4+ weeks to show visible effects, and within this time you need to be trying to understand why you are feeling the way you do. This may be by trying a type of talking therapy, or just trying to understand your triggers.

My overall opinion on medication for mental health is that if you feel you will benefit from them then go for it. Who am I or anybody else for that matter to judge you. Only you know what will work for you.

' A positive attitude is contagious. But don't wait to catch it from somebody else, be a carrier.' 
Untill next time. Lots of love and Stay Safe. 
Amy x

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