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How to practice self care for anxiety.

Why me? That's the question I ask myself alot. Why can't I attend social events without becoming a big ball of panic. Why do I have to over think every possible situation and every possible outcome. The answer is always the same, who knows. But that don't make me weird, or different. It just means I struggle a little ( well alot but hey ho)  Excuse my french here but anxiety is a b*tch. It consumes you, and if like me you suffer with some form of anxiety this post may help.  So here are my top 5 ways to practice self care for anxiety.

1. Distract yourself 
Anxiety really isn't a pleasant feeling. When you feel these feelings forming trying to notice them, then distract yourself. Read book, listen to some music, look a painting really look at it. Just do something that moves your focus onto something else. When I'm feeling particularity anxious I play a wee game with myself. I try to pick 3 things I can see, smell, taste and feel. It really helps ground me and reassure me that I'm the one in control not my anxiety. 

2. Talk to someone you trust
Talking to someone you trust whether it be a family member or friend can be a huge anxiety reliever. Just having someone there to reassure you, and listen can help hugely. My nan's a great listner and will listen to me babble on for hours and just knowing I have her there through the good and bad times is great. 

3. Stay active & Eat well 
Something simple as regular exercise and a healthly diet will hugely contribute towards better mental health. It may just be a 10 minute walk in the park on your lunch break, or a 2 hour session at your local gym. Physical activity can distract you and also relive the stresses of everyday life. For me going to the gym is really lifts my mood and settles my anxiety, it also gets me out of the house and allows me to have a little fun. ( I reallllly love to run) I also like to avoid stimulants such a coffee and alcohol, whilst adding plenty of plant based nutrient rich foods that are full of a essential vitamins for a healthy brain. 

4. Personal care
When your dealing with anxiety its really easy to neglect yourself. Things as simple as taking a shower or brushing your hair can feel like a chore. Making sure to look after yourself and having a set routine will help you feel and look great, and in turn boosting your mood. In a morning when my mind is racing something that keeps me grounded is focusing on my skincare routine. Just taking the time to look after myself seems to calm me oh and make my skin look great!

5. Meditate 
Something that has really helped my anxiety is meditation. Taking 30 minutes a night to just sit a breathe and focus on you, can feel extremely fulfilling. It's also been proven by physiologists to help cure depression and anxiety and the chances of relapsing. I really recommend you read the book ' Mindfulness a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world' By Mark Williams and Danny Penman. Its such a great book and has an 8 week mindfulness course in to help you combat your anxiety. 
So there we have it my top 5 self care tips, I really hope these help you. 

'Taking good care of YOU means the people in your life will receive the best of you not whats left of you' 
 Carl Bryan

Untill next time, Lots of love and stay safe.

Amy x

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