Thursday, 29 September 2016

A letter to myself, for bad mental health day.

Dear Amy,

Oh sweetie, I'm guessing your having a pretty rubbish day. I know your riddled with 'Why me?' and self destructing thoughts but hold in there. Life wont always feel this empty. They will be days your little face shines brightly and in the future your going to have your own family and your own little version of paradise but for now this is your life and you will get over the temporary pain your feeling.

The universe only gives you what you can handle so these feelings you feel and these illnesses your dealing with you must remember your strong enough to overcome them. They don't define you, they are only here for the ride. They may stay a little longer than you wish, and you may hate them to death. But girl your coming out the other end stronger, more determined and with a shift in your mind, and that Amy changes everything.

I know you Amy, your reading this think, 'Yeah right' but they will be a time your happy. It may not be tomorrow or the day after or even next month. But one day your going to wake up and you wont feel the crippling emptiness. They'll be a time you can go out in crowded public places without your anxious mind playing havoc. You'll be able to look at yourself see your faults and not care. I know your wishing that this day could come sooner. I know right now you would swap the world just to feel normal for even a day. But Amy what even is normal? I'll leave you that to think about.

I wish you could see how wonderful you are, how caring and compassionate your are. I wish you could see how worthy of life you are. Make me a promise amy. Live. Live and love as hard as you can. Don't let anybody hold you back. Them dreams of yours reach for them, and don't let anybody get it your sweet way. Because you Amy are worth more than you think.

Look after yourself, and stay safe. Today is just another day after all.

Lots of love, Amy

P.S go give Millie and Nugget a cuddle you know they love you.

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  1. It's a wonderful idea to write a post like this - I hope you get well soon.

    Amy x


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